Departmental planning

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Departmental planning
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This type of planning occurs in enterprises which have departments made up of individual production units. Plans for individual lines and sockets which are part of the department stem directly from overall production plan of company. When the department has an internal technological structure it is necessary to take into account load and capabilities of equipment. Additional documentation in both cases is the workshop documentation authorizing the use of inputs to perform specific items of the plan.

In the departmental planning managers shall set detail of the tasks for the individual production cells and employees. Deviations from the planned production flow must be picked up on a regular basis in order to eliminate their negative effects in the respective weekly or daily plans. This is possible only where there is a complete activities record and workshop documentation.

Most often used in departmental planning are standard schedule templates for various pipelined processes:

  • fixed synchronized,
  • fixed unsynchronized,
  • variable
  • small items sockets

The technological process is presented graphically using standard schedules. They require appropriate organizational conditions such as:

  • compliance with technological discipline,
  • accurate time of the supply of materials, equipment and tools
  • maintaining high level of efficiency of the machinery,
  • maintaining standards by employees.