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Interactive agency
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An interactive agency is an enterprise sometimes also called an advertising or creative agency. The popularity began to gain in the era of growing popularity of the Internet and the opportunity for development for companies thanks to new advertising technologies. In the first assumption, interactive agencies were to act as a development of advertising agencies, and their scope of activity was to be carried out only on the Internet. Currently, however, contrary to earlier predictions, they mainly deal with creating a brand, promoting and later supporting activities.

Range of activities

The basic activities that interactive agencies run are:

  • web design
  • creating a company in social media
  • creation of online stores and auction platforms
  • preparation, creation and dissemination of online advertising campaigns
  • web hosting
  • Internet research
  • positioning
  • promoting companies on the Internet, among others AdWords activities

Website development

Most enterprises are currently on the Internet. To get customers with this communication channel a well-prepared website is necessary. The basic functions that are offered are the possibilities of providing information about the company, conducting online sales and advertising of the offered products. Due to the growing popularity of UX, or User Experience, the important determinants of success is to create an optimal site from the user's point of view. The Interactive Agency deals with the creation, design and optimization of websites. It is based on the preparation of a portal that will be adapted to the needs of the company. The initial phase of the project is to explore opportunities by analysts and strategists who choose the right profile for your site. Then it is designed for visual purposes and graphic visualization is created in such a way that the web page is intuitive to the user and functional. Developers are involved in the implementation of the project in virtual space. In addition to the comprehensive preparation of the site, the Agency often also deals with adapting materials and content to customer expectations.


Website positioning is about promoting a website by raising its position in search results. This is closely related to the appropriate selection of keywords, after which the advertisement will be displayed. In order to achieve the right results it is necessary to select them so that the link appears in searches related to the company, its activities and offered products. Company locations are also often used. Importantly, not only the selection of keywords influences the position of the page in the search engines. During the analysis many factors are used, such as the appearance of the landing page and subpages, the quality of the website, navigation, and functionality. It also takes into account the number of incoming links and their quality, as well as the CTR, which is the clickthrough rate, or the ratio of clicks to the number of page views.

An advertising campaign on the Internet

The basic and most popular tool for conducting advertising campaigns is Google Adwords. Allows you to display scheduled ads in the search engine and / or ad network, which is very extensive. Comprehensive activities of the interactive agency allow for the creation of a promotion tailored to the profile of the company and gives the opportunity to determine the approximate results and the budget used to increase traffic to the site. The idea behind these activities is to increase the efficiency and profitability of the company's presence in the Internet network and to improve the brand's image. Google Adwords also allows real-time analysis of campaign results and optimization of activities. The advertising possibilities offered by Google Adwords include:

  • Sponsored links that are text ads appearing in the search results as a response to inquiries from potential customers
  • Remarketing, or a personalized advertisement sent to users who have previously visited the site
  • Product advertisements on which products' pictures, their price and name are displayed
  • Advertising on the Display Network. Its form can be text or graphical and is displayed on sites that belong to the Google Display Network
  • A Gmail webmail ad that targets users using this page
  • A YouTube ad that displays ads in the form of graphics, videos or text

Advertising campaigns are also created for display in Social Media. It gives the opportunity to reach younger users. Facebook and Instagram as the most popular social communication channels today offer a wide range of advertising opportunities for companies. They are, among others creating sponsored posts, linking the company's website by advertising products and communicating with users using the funpage.

An interactive agency, and an advertising agency

The activities of the interactive agency focus on promoting the company on the Internet. It is based on comprehensive support in the creation of websites, auction and sales sites, Internet remarketing, e-mail marketing and all kinds of other forms of advertising on the Internet. They also offer analytical services that aim to test the effectiveness of the activities carried out. The advertising agency advertises the company in other communication channels, including traditional ones. First of all, it creates image and sales campaigns that appear on TV, in the press, on radio, as large format and outdoor advertisements. Currently, however, along with the development of advertising services and customer awareness, often both types of agency are interrelated and concepts are confused or understood in the same way.