Plant maintenance

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Plant maintenance
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In the process of production of fixed assets wear out. To remove the effects of the physical wear and tear, employees shall carry out proper maintenance and renovations. Actions are taken out to prevent excessive wear and keep equipment on standby to work. Renovations and repair of machines extend life of fixed assets. Rational asset management requires proper planning and precautions.

Plant maintenance tasks

  • maintenance - cleaning, lubrication of individual machine parts, regulating mechanisms, tightening with nuts, etc.
  • reviews - take place in specific dates planned in advance, aims to check the condition of the machinery or equipment
  • repairs - bring back the technical efficiency of machinery and equipment after failure, exchange of spare parts or regeneration of worn parts.


Main goal of plant maintenance is keeping machinery, equipment and other fixed assets in proper condition and constant readiness to work. Particular importance of plant management can be seen in the elimination of variability of results produced by machinery and equipment. Neglecting to repair and maintenance could disrupt work and production processes.

Plant management supports the company in:

  • planning of repairs, maintenance and restoration works.
  • control of warranty service terms, validity of the insurance.
  • servicing repair requests,
  • records of events associated with equipment,
  • repair and maintenance cost accounting,
  • servicing transportation equipment.

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