Production order

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Production order
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Production orders are basis for IT system of automatic demand planning and scheduling. They are created on the basis of orders submitted by customers. Specific set of production needs are counted and the electronic documents generated, for example: resource purchase order or acceptance of a lot to store.

When entering an order in IT system user chooses what type of order to use or uses the default type, related to the given customer. Order type controls its circulation and defines stages of processing connected to it.

Process of preparing production order

In the initial phase of the order, user creates a printout of the order confirmation and sends it to customer. Printing is possible at any stage of the procurement cycle.

Accounting for the sale of products starts with ordering. It specifies the set of items of goods sold, along with all the information. These include: information about the delivery, correspondence data.

The system then create a list of releases, that include information about products booked and issued in a specific storage location. List of releases is essential information about the item and the quantities that will be issued in a specific order. After the release of items from the warehouse, system creates magazine report. It can be done manually or automatically.

The next stage of the production order is shipping, it is the process of handing out sold items. The final step is to create an invoice on the basis of the submission of customer orders, registered in the system. After they are created they can be processed and sent to clients.