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* [[Public administration|local authorities]],
* [[Public administration|local authorities]],
* government.
* government.

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Environment of a project is multi-faceted and complex set of factors, depending on the characteristics of the project, such as:

Elements of the environment of the project

Implementation of the project requires taking into account the specifics of the environment of the project. Different stakeholder groups that have an impact on its success. Each project requires a different relations with other people or groups and the correct choice of this group for analysis is necessary for proper planning. Stakeholders are institutions, individuals or groups that legitimately are interested in the evaluation and outcome of the project. This is due to:

  • contract,
  • business relationship,
  • current legislation.

Stakeholder groups include:

  • clients,
  • supplier,
  • subcontractors,
  • project sponsors,
  • management of the company,
  • public institutions,
  • local communities (if the project affects them).

Impact on the ability of the project also has: