System approach to project management

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System approach to project management
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The system approach principle, is one of several principles used in project management practice. Its recommendations and guidelines underly the structure of research methodologies, specific methods and techniques, which are used in the design process.

Features of system approach to project management

  • it is the realization of the holistic approach to project preparation and implementation, because project is treated as a product of multidimensional determinants (technological, financial, ergonomic),
  • project is characterized in following dimensions: structural determinants, economic factors, marketing and ecological issues, temporal factors, stakeholders needs and values, etc.,
  • system approach principle aims to achieve and maintain the integrity of all components of the project needed to achieve its objectives,
  • proper use of system approach allows managers to gain the maximum synergistic effect of project implementation.

In systems approach, important is not only the profitability of individual products, but also the interrelation of departments, branches, organizational units, teams forming together coherent entity.

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