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<li>[[Risk based approach]]</li>
<li>[[Risk based approach]]</li>
<li>[[Strategic risk assessment]]</li>
<li>[[Project risk assessment]]</li>

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Uninsurable risk
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Uninsurable risk is a situation that is related to unknowable or unacceptable risk or is against the law. Such a risk can be very dangerous for insurance company, thus those companies try to avoid insuring uninsurable risk.

When uninsurable risk is related to an investment that is important for society or country, the government can give guarantees that are kind of insurance. That helps to make some large investments.

Law can forbid some types of insurance, e.g. for criminal penalties. Other uninsurable risks are:

  • risk to reputation
  • regulatory risk
  • trade secret risk
  • political risk
  • pandemic risk

Risk to reputation

Regulatory risk

Trade secret risk

Political risk

Pandemic risk