After the bell

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After the bell
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After the bell refers to all the important information regarding stock market that is released after that stock market has closed for the day.

If the information is released during the day, it can have impact on stock prices. However, if it is released after the bell, it can impact only the opening prices on the next working day. Positive information can increase opening price, and negative can decrease it. Therefore, closing price can be different from the opening price next day.

The name after the bell comes from tradition on many stock markets, e.g. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to ring the bell on the beginning and end of the day. Today the trade is mostly electronic, but the bell is still in use as a symbol.

After the bell in education

The term has different meaning in education. After the bell means after school, leasure time or during vacation. Therefore, many companies in recreation business have After the bell in their name.