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Coordination meeting
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Coordination meeting - it is a meeting of a team or managers during which the basic assumptions, achieved milestones and plans for the future related to the implementation of the project are discussed.In addition, it is a series of organized activities aimed at the most efficient and synthetic way of working out appropriate solutions within the scope of the implemented product or service for a given customer. Accordingly, its atmosphere, agenda and speaking rights should be designed in such a way that everyone is aware of the tasks assigned to them at a later stage. Moreover, during this meeting the most important project goals are set, discussions are held and discussions for the future are drawn up in relation to the project cooperation of individuals.

Organising an coordination meeting

Establishing an effective coordination meeting is a difficult task. The person conducting the meeting is obliged, among other things, to

  • to draw up the agenda for the meeting
  • invitations to all participants who are potentially interested and who are key to the meeting
  • prepare a summary and order of topics discussed during the meeting.

With this in mind, a solid preparation is essential. This is why it is necessary to develop short summary materials, preferably on the basis of a fact sheet presented in graphic form. This will enable the majority of participants to get to know the main theme of the meeting and actively participate in it.

It is also worthwhile to provide the participants with adequate food and drink. This is due to the fact that people who are well drunk and fed work much better. Therefore, it is advisable to provide them with snacks and stimulant drinks in the form of coffee.

Ultimately, it is worth taking care of the comfort of the space and its decor. Above all, the organiser should ensure that each participant has a suitable seating area and that the air in the room is properly ventilated. In addition, it is worth taking care of comfortable chairs and appropriate lighting - preferably white, as it allows you to maintain concentration during mental work [1].

Coordination meeting in project management

Organising a coordination meeting is particularly popular for managing IT projects. Through the use of “agile"; management methods, employees are very quickly able to pass on information about current progress in software development, and then outsource further tasks [2].

As mentioned above, coordination meeting plays an important role in project management. If you were to assign them to a particular type, it would certainly be Scrum. Therefore, very often Project Managers use such meeting opportunities because they are able to manage software production much more efficiently [3].

However, there are also disadvantages to such meetings. One of them is the disorganisation of the workflow and the risk of unproductivity. In addition, they take a lot of time to organize, and do not always give a measurable effect due to the lack of preparation of outsiders or fatigue of project participants.


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Author: Melania Mazur