Help:General rules

Read this first

  1. Each article should be at least 4000 characters long (with spaces and references).
  2. Copying text from other internet websites is prohibited.
  3. Copying literature without reference is prohibited - always paraphrase if possible and add citations and references.
  4. Each article should contain infobox (see section Infobox).
  5. Article should be based on scientific literature published after 2010. Exceptions to this rule require teacher's consent.
  6. In references every article should contain at least 3 links to pdf files of scientific papers that extend discussed topic. Papers can be found on Google Scholar. Only open access papers are allowed.
  7. Author of article (you) should be shown at the end using template: {{a|Full name}}
  8. Each article should be added to at least one existing category (list of categories in left menu): [[Category:Category name]]

Basic formatting

  • Divide article into sections. Each section should have header (type: ==1st level Header==, ===2nd level Header===)
  • Use enumeration to make reading easier. Use: * for bulletted lists or # for numbered lists.
  • Divide long texts into paragraphs - empty line creates new paragraph.
  • Use bold - '''bold''' (triple apostrophes) or italic - ''italic'' (double apostrophes, not quotation!).
  • <space> as first character in line creates frame around text. Use it only for computer code
  • [[link]] - create links to existing articles on CEOpedia


  • Each article should start with infobox.
  • Copy code below and change only bold text (links to other articles in CEOpedia).
  • If any link is shown in red, change it - only blue (correct) links are allowed.

Infobox code

<li>[[Title of article describing superior/related concept]]
<li>[[Title of related article 1]]
<li>[[Title of related article 2]]
<li>[[Title of related article 3]]
<li>[[Title of method 1]]
<li>[[Title of method 2]]
<li>[[Title of method 3]]