Investment committee

Investment committee
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Investment committee takes responsibility for the investment of company fund and makes as much as the board of directors does, but the difference is that the committee is the the one who makes investment decisions on how much and on what money will be laid out.

Committee Members[edit]

There’s no defined number of representatives you should keep in your committee, but according to Russell L.Olson, the group of five people is the optimal amount for creating a good deliberation and making every member’s opinion count. The smaller committee prone to be more congregate, which is one of its biggest pros, including the fact that this authority has a technical purpose and not aimed on organizational policy[1].

The main purpose of committee members is to make sure that the fund’s target is compatible with budget of sponsor, and that companies policies of investment is reconcilable to the plan. Members also have responsibility to rewatch all advisor's recommendations according to standpoints. Investment professionals in committee, in many situations, may really help relying on their various experience and open their eyes on ways that weren’t seen before[2].


Every investment committee should choose its own adviser. When it happens members should await to accept most of the propositions of adviser and be confident in his decisions. It’s a person who becomes an origin of experience alongside with the committee members, but the final decision still belongs to the committee, that shoulders the ultimate responsibility. The most important thing in the relations between advisor and investment committee is to think and move in one destination[3].

Adviser has an authority to employ and dismiss investment managers, but only in case he is registered with the SEC, however task to monitor results still belongs to the committee. Actions that belong to adviser’s will are written in Operating Policies by committee itself[4].

Committee Meetings[edit]

Usually, committee participants have meetings once in the end of ¼ a year to analyze the results of their work. Mainly meetings consist of short sighted marketplaces’ review in the last three months(quarter) and the efficiency of each investment manager. All results are lately presented to committee members and also checked by them. It’s acceptable to send the results of report to committee throughout mail, that includes clarification and longer perspective. During each meeting adviser should:

  • make recommendations
  • tutor

In case of lack of important reasons to make it happen, committee preside should cancel the meeting, also there is a possibility of shortening it if necessary, alongside notifying other members[5].


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Author: Uladzislau Leonau