Procedure for creating marketing strategy

Procedure for creating marketing strategy
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Marketing strategy is a set of medium-and long-term policies, which create market-based operational activities. The formulation of this strategy is decision making process that involves setting the problem areas, and then selecting of optimal solutions and implementation actions.

There are two levels of marketing strategy:

Strategy at the level of corporation[edit]

The most important issue at this level is the evolution of the market activity specified in the dimensions of products and markets. Managers formulate 4 strategic options:

Business unit strategy[edit]

Strategic issue at this level is formulating the impact on buyers. Main techniques of impact is a combination of two instruments: quality and price.

Bermuda triangles means areas of the business, in which it is not possible to determine optimal marketing strategy

  • Strategy of preference - customers, so called brand customers pay little attention to the price, but the essential thing is for them is quality and brand of product,
  • Strategy price-quantity is targeted to buyers who pay attention to the price, the company's activity is based on the principle: large volume-small unit profit

Another ways to impact the market are:

The best way to make accurate decisions is to create a strategic profile. Then, managers can adapt strategic decisions to changes taking place in the enterprise and its environment.

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