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Project sponsor
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Projekt sponsor - "this is the single individual who is responsible on behalf of the (permanent) line organization to direct the (temporary) project organization, representing the business interests in the direction of the project and accountable for the realization of its business case"[1].

In other words, projekt sponsor is a person who provides or seek financial resources for project implementation, defines and monitors objectives and expectations towards the project, supports the project from the promotional side, actively engages in project management and authorizes key decisions within the project (for example: budget or schedule). He is also the person who derives the greatest business benefits from the implementation of the project. Easier, projekt sponsor is a high-level person in the organization that most cares about the project and is the most responsible for it[2].

Tasks of the project sponsor

The role of the project sponsor in most cases can be reduced to four issues[3]:

  • Recognizing of problems, needs and business opportunities. It can come from any level in the organization. The sponsor at this stage is a person who will examine the problem or the opportunity, describe it and submit a paper to the board. These tasks may be commissioned to the sponsor by e.g. CEO. If the need, problem or opportunity is identified at the lower level of the organization, for example in the financial department, then the project sponsor should be selected among the senior managers of this department.
  • Controlling of the business case for project. The sponsor of the project acts as a person whose task in the organization is to reject or cancel unprofitable projects that have no business case. The business case may change throughout the project period. Initial cost and benefit estimates may not correspond to the actual ones, so the project may lose business case and may require cancellation.
  • Hiring the Project Manager. When the sponsor of the project has already identified the problem, the need or the possibility and analyzed business case, his task is to create a team that will realize the project. The first step is to hire a project manager who will take over part of the sponsor's tasks at a later stage of completing the team. It is important that the choice of the project manager is based on the analysis of his experience, skills, intelligence and energy.
  • Facilitating communication between the organization and the project team. The project sponsor is an intermediary between the project manager and the organization. He can help the project manager understand the goals and requirements set for him by the organization. Conversely, the sponsor may help the projekt manager in providing information to the organization.


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Author: Wojciech Musiał