Special warranty deed

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Special warranty deed
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Special warranty deed is used during transfer of ownership of the real estate property. The transfer comes with guarantees by the seller that the property is free and clear of claims. General warranty deed is the most used document in that case. The special warranty deed is used if the warranty is only for the period when seller held title to the property. If any claims existed before the seller bought the property, there is no guarantee for them.Special warranty deeds are used rather by commercial property owners who often buy and sell properties. In case ofresidential property most often general warranty deed is used, asit is safer for buyer. In obvious cases this kind of deeds are seldom used in transactions involving real estates between strangers (J. Kimmons 2018).

General warranty deed

General warranty deed can be specified as a norm in other words, how the property transfer takes place in the USA. Kind of deed such as this one gives the buyer a guarantee that the right to ownership is free from obstructions. Moreover, this right to ownership won't be a matter of unsettled legal operations and neither problems of titles. The general warranty deed gives the buyer all privileges of ownership and right to control. To be sure that buyers won't stand up with challenges related to titles, they should check if specific property has unbroken chain related to general warranty deeds reaching far into the past. The future owners won't have any challenges connected with title which chows the chain of deeds. The buyer purchasing under the general warranty deeds has guaranteed that vendor is obligated to defend the real estate agent's title in relation to everyone's claims. Moreover, the vendor has the right to transfer the property and it is warranted that the seller has all rights to the property (General vs. Special Warranty Deed 2018).

Special Warranty vs. General Warranty Deeds

The special warranty deed is in fact the transformation of the general warranty deed but it doesn't mean that it's somehow better. When it comes to general warranty deeds the warrantor ensure the general guarantee. The grantor gives a guarantee that there ane no claims or burdens in relation to property. Not even one was created over his ownership moreover the property was characterized by the clear title when it was bought. While the special warranty deed guarantees that the real estate was free and transparent for a confined time. This is not a popular way wherefore the real estate can be transferred. However, a special warranty deed doesn't have to be restricted by to two warranty. Different guarantees can be transferred only if they are directly identified in the deed and both kinds warrantee that the vendor has a title and is able to freely sell the real estate (J. Kimmons 2018).

"Both types of Warranty Deeds (Special and General) guarantee the buyer (F. Goodwill 2018):

  • That the seller owns the title
  • That the seller is legally allowed to sell the property
  • That the property has not already been sold
  • That the property is free of debt or other claims (aside any mentioned in the deed)
  • That the seller is responsible for any problems/faults with the property"


Author: Karolina Korbut