Statutory books

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Statutory books
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Statutory books are the accounting books, which are kept by the Companies Act [1]. Statutory books have been established under the Indian Companies Act [2].

Enties in statutory books should reflect the details in the Companies Registration Office and in the share purchase contract [3].

The task of statutory books

Statutory books must show the company's transactions and explain them, accurately disclose the company's financial situation at a particular time and give directors the opportunity to ensure that all accounts prepared in this way are in line with the provisions of the act [4].

Keeping of statutory books

The company secretary bears full responsibility for maintaining the statutory books and registers [5].

The statutory books are open to public inspection, they should be available during business hours. Copies of statutory books must be provided on demand [6].

Contents of a company's statutory

The typical contents of a company is a statutory book are [7]:

  • Register of shareholders,
  • Register of debenture holders,
  • Register of company directors and secretaries,
  • Company's books of account,
  • Minutes of General Meetings,
  • Minutes of board meetings,
  • Register of people eith significant control (PSC register)


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Author: Anna Lipowiecka-Migdał