Tactical outsourcing

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Tactical outsourcing
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It is treated as a tool to solve various problems in company, concerning in particular: insufficient funds, insufficient decision-making powers in the implementation of the tasks, lack of access to modern methods and equipment, need to reduction in employment. As the authors point out tactical outsourcing is often used as a tool for the restructuring of the company. Main objectives of tactical outsourcing are:

  • cost reduction,
  • elimination of need to invest in resources used in the processes transferred to the service provider,
  • additional funds obtained as a result of sale of resources used so far to carry out the outsourced services,
  • reducing number of employees,

Highlighted effects of the application of tactical outsourcing do not include all ranges of benefits obtained by the company immediately after the beginning of the cooperation. However, they have been treated as essential, as they can eliminate various problems in the business. It is worth noting also the other benefits: The ability to use know-how of service provider, increase the degree of utilization of resources owned by the customer, increase the level of technical equipment. In terms of task performed it is possible to achieve a higher level of quality cooperation with suppliers and customers. Such processes may include logistics, IT services and marketing services.

Basis for cooperation with the service provider in tactical outsourcing is properly prepared agreement, in which specific provisions to ensure high quality of outsourced services at lower cost and with less involvement in monitoring. In this contract there are usually restrictions on freedom of company to creating specific objectives of the performed services. Often the assumptions about means of implementation of outsourced tasks, as well as the predicted effects are reflected in the relevant provisions in the agreement.