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This portal was created in Polish language in March 1995 as a website dedicated to management. Since 2006, it has its current name. From the beginning we dealt with issues of management. Initially it was a quality management, then the project management. The increasing popularity of the portal encouraged us to develop also other areas of management and economics. Portal was founded by Slawomir Wawak. He is currently an administrator and author of much of the entries. Since 2005, co-author and moderator of the portal is Krzysztof Wozniak.

The most important moments of development of the portal:

  • 15.III.1995 - created website dedicated to the management under the name "Green pages" (mainly quality management)
  • 1998 - name changed to M-files (management files)
  • 1999 - site extends to other areas of management, there are over 150 articles
  • 2004 - we use PHP-Nuke CMS to improve the process of editing pages
  • III.2005 - the introduction of editing in a wiki style (Guiki module in PHP-Nuke)
  • X.2005 - extending the range of authors with staff and students of Cracow University of Economics (by this time Slawomir Wawak was the sole author)
  • X.2006 - New portal name: the Encyclopedia of Management
  • XII.2007 - the first 1,000 articles
  • I.2008 - Transfer of Encyclopedia to MediaWiki platform
  • III.2009 - over 3,000 articles
  • 2010 - created the English version of the Encyclopedia
  • III.2012 - Each logged on user has permission to edit entries in Polish version (previously required a rank editor).
  • I.2016 - English version moved to domain.
  • 2019 - over 4000 articles
  • 2023 - over 4800 articles