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Employee file is an indispensable element supporting human resources management in company. It is used to record, manage and collect documentation of payroll. Simplifies the management of human resources. Is used to organize a lot of documents necessary to calculate wages for workers.

Usage of employee file

Thanks to the data included in the file, the employer may make a decision about:

  • salary, the size and number of possible promotions, awards or prizes
  • promotion or degradation,
  • length of leave,
  • state of employee seniority,
  • dismissal of an employee,
  • recruitment of new employees.
  • scope of activities

Currently, employees files are computerized and are part of integrated IT payroll systems. All data stored in the file as well as all amendments to it, is recorded and can be printed.

Employee medical examination

Medical examinations of employees are imposed by the Labour Code. The aim of examination is primarily to determine whether the employee has no contra-indications to carry out the work entrusted to him and that his health and life is not in danger.

Preliminary medical examination, are performed to:

  • persons employed,
  • young employees, as well as other employees transferred to posts where there are harmful factors to health or burdensome and dangerous work conditions.

Preliminary medical examination are not needed, in case of employees who, under a contract of employment concluded directly after the termination or expiration of the previous agreement with the employer, are re-admitted to working for that employer for the same job or at the same working conditions.

Periodic and control medical examination is carried out as far as possible during working hours. During a break in work due to examination, the employee remains entitled to full compensation. An employee is subject to medical examination in case of incapacity for work that lasts longer than 30 days due to illness. The aim of this medical examination is to establish the ability to perform work on the particular position.

It is the duty of every employer to provide information on occupational risk that is associated with a given work and the rules of protection against threats. The employer also should immediately transfer the employee to another position, if a medical examination will show that the job endangers his health. If such transfer is organizationally not possible, the employer must immediately terminate the employment contract and pay compensation in the amount of remuneration for the period of notice.

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