Bidding documents

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Bidding documents
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Bidding documents shall furnish all information necessary for a prospective bidder to prepare a bid for the goods and works to be provided.

The detail and complexity of these documentsmay vary with the size and nature of the proposed bid. The basis for bid evaluation and selection of the lowest evaluated bid shall be clearly outlined in the instructions to bidders the specifications. If a fee is charged for the bidding documents, it shall be reasonable and reflect only the cost of their printing and delivery to prospective bidders, and shall not be so high as to discourage qualified bidders (Guidelines procurement under IBRD loans and IDA credits 1999, s. 13-14)

Standard set of bidding documents

The bidding documents shall include:

  • invitation to bid
  • instructions to bidders clear explanation of the method of bidding and the method of evaluation of bid prices
  • complete statement of the work be performed including necessary drawings and specifications, and the required completion schedule
  • terms and conditions
  • responsibility requirements employed in evaluating bidders
  • necessary appendices such as formats for various securities

(Code of Federal Regulations 1999, s. 535)

Type and Size

The bidding documents shall clearly state the type of contract to be entered into and contain the proposed contract provisions appropriate therefor. The most common types of contracts provide for payments on the basis of a lump sum, unit prices, reimbursable cost plus fees, or combinations thereof. Reimbursable cost contracts are acceptable to the Bank only in exceptional circumstances such as conditions of high risk or where costs cannot be determined in advance with sufficient accuracy. Such contracts shall include appropriate incentives to limit costs. The size and scope of individual contracts will depend on the magnitude, nature, and location of the project (Consolidated Treaties and International Agreements 2011, s.61-62)

Time for Preparation of Bids

It is important that the bid documents is prepared in timely manner so that there is sufficient time for professional desktop publishing, printing and binding. When bidding for major events, the services of a graphic designer would generally be employed to ensure that the bid document is eye-catching. When the document is prepared in a hurry, simple mistakes or failure to address all assessment criteria can ruin any chance of success with the assessment panel. For example, if the tenderingspecifications required a copy of the business registration or the public liability insurance policy and this was not included, the document would not reach the committee for assessment. (L.Wagen, L.White 2010, s. 495-496)


Author: Natalia Talarek