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The official, written statement or certificate, written proof of something (usually used in economic matters, marine and foreign trade matters).

  • Document confirming conformity with the declared by the manufacturer or specified properties in the regulations or standards
  • Document confirming the right to perform certain actions in it,
  • Confirmation of ownership of competence to the extent specified in the certificate
  • econ. Bond or certificate repalacing a state loan
  • Trade: Document stating the origin of the goods

Types of certificates

The most important certificates are:

  • Security certificate - a document confirming an inspection by the competent authorities of the state of technical devices,
  • Certificate of origin - either issued by the consulate of the importing country or the exporter, the document required for the import of goods benefiting from tariff concessions under the agreement between the States concerned,
  • Insurance certificate - a document replaces an insurance policy in relation to the party concerned in the transport of goods along with other transports shared a general insurance policy,
  • Stock certificate - is a confirmation of the fact of ownership by the owner of shares,
  • Certified bank - the bank confirms the deposit of capital investment,
  • Quality Certificate - certifies the implementation a quality management system (quality management),
  • Qualified certificate - can make a secure electronic signature and electronic proof of identity of the person speaking to him; qualified certificate is issued by an entity listed in the so-called. register of qualified certification service providers.

The use of qualified certificates

  • Electronic billing of the Social Security,
  • Submission of e-tax returns to the Revenue
  • Acquisition of electronic extracts of National Court Register
  • Exchange of documents with the public authorities,
  • Conclude contract civil law,
  • Signing Invoice electronically
  • Participation in the e-auction

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Author: Barbara Zbyrad