Environmental hygiene

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Environmental hygiene
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Environmental hygiene is a set of activities that aim at improvement of maintenance of environmental conditions that are friendly for people living in the area. Environmental hygiene conditions include:

  • clean and safe water supply,
  • clean and safe ambient air,
  • efficient and safe disposal of waste (animal, human, industrial),
  • protection of food from contaminants (biological, chemical),
  • adequate housing in clean and safe surroundings.

Environmental hygiene includes also practical control measures that define in detail aforementioned conditions. Good health of the community is not only the absence of disease, but also a reflection on well-being or people.

Clean and safe water supply

Our Earth is rich in water. Unfortunately, more and more often it can not be found in the place where it should be. Sometimes it is contaminated and is not suitable for any use. Therefore, advanced water filtration technologies are great importance for providing the right amount of water now and in the future. Membrane technology is used to purify water in a few ways. Membranes are energetically effective, their importance will increase in relation to other technological solutions. (GEOFFREY M. GEISE, HAE-SEUNG L.., ...& DONALD R. PAUL1 2010, 4)

Clean and safe ambient air

Satellites have the function of monitoring air purity. They use mapping to check aerosols, tropospheric ozone and others. Particularly important to determine the emissions of non-long-lasting nitrogen dioxide gases and sulfur dioxide. Both of these gases have better data resources what could give us the chance to analyze the air cleanliness with the expected rightness. (Ronald J. van der, B..., ... & Nicolas Theys 2017, 1)

Efficient and safe disposal of waste

  • Industrial

Building has always been an important aspect in people's lives. It produces huge amounts of waste. In order to reduce its negative impact on the environment, people should start thinking about modern materials and technologies. Currently, rubbish are folded up without paying attention to the surroundings. Too many natural resources are wasted. Although they could be re-used in industry after proper processing.

  • Animal

Some communities and territories that are publicly available, have their own regulations, reductions. They aim at requiring from animal owners to eliminate their all uncleanness. These regulations are needed for aesthetics, the environment and health.

Protection of food from contaminants

In what we eat and feed we could find dangerous chemicals and unwanted compounds. Avoiding them can be impossible because they are everywhere, they come from nature. The CONTAM Panel judges whether chemistry in food has bad effects on the health of Europeans. (Jan Alexander, Diane Benford, A.., ... &Rolaf van Leeuwen 2012)

Adequate housing in clean and safe surroundings

The possibility of having a suitable accommodation for acceptable money, has been one of the basic human rights for years. However, in spite of the law, people from around the world do not have this opportunity.


Author: Aneta Suder