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Natural environment
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Natural environment is where all things no matter if living or non-living occur naturally in this environment without any human help. Term „natural environment” usually is associated with nature existing on earth, but whole universe is natural and we need to keep that in mind (Goudie, 2018).

Aspects of natural environment

There are two aspects that are most important to include when talking about natural environment:

  • First would be ecological units that are known as a natural system that almost completely doesn't involve human interference. Things that embrace that are: rocks, soil, atmosphere, microorganisms, natural events, and all vegetation.
  • Second and really important ones are natural resources and physical phenomena, that have much in common and it's hard to point boundaries that are clear-cut. These involve all the air, energy, water, radiation, magnetism, electric charge and generally whole climate (Tietenberg & Lewis, 2016).

Natural environment role in business

Natural environment is one element of the macro-environment. Macro environment include whole micro environment, which in business means things such as marketing intermediates, suppliers customers, publics, competitors, and such. And the macro environment itself include whole political, cultural, technological, natural economical and demographic environment. Finally It also include natural environment. In business there is a term called macro marketing environment, and it does one main job which is to adjust to the change and social environment to realize motivation ground of the marketing itself (Kotler, Armstrong, 2010). Micro and macro environments are external environments according to business environments and also there is an internal environment which includes all internal aspects that create, spread verbally or nonverbally and finally deliver the markets contributions (Kotler, Armstrong, 2010)

Business environment

As we saw, macro environment which include business area is highly connected to natural environment, so why not include marketing term that plays huge role in building and maintaining beneficial and satisfying customer relationships that are huge part of the macro marketing. Business environment is defined by Duncan as „the totality of physical and social factor that are taken directly into consideration in the decision-making behavior of individuals in the organization”(1972).


Author: Katarzyna Atłas