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General information

  • Drawings should be prepared in GIF, JPG or PNG format
  • Mathematical formulas must be prepared according to the MediaWiki syntax (Rules for creating formulas)
  • Each approved text is published (along with the author's name) in the Ceopedia under the GNU FDL license.
  • You can submit your own article suggestions. We also keep a list of particularly desirable terms.

Use of sources

  • The text cannot be a copy of the existing text from books, articles, papers or lectures. They can be cited (by providing the full bibliographic footnote with the page number).
  • Verbatim quoting should be avoided. We propose to paraphrase the authors' thoughts, grouping statements by other authors, etc.
  • If you are quoting - be sure to use quotation marks (").
  • Footnotes should ALWAYS be given when using other sources, not only when quoting verbatim.
  • It is forbidden to use the websites without the consent of the teacher!
  • When preparing an article, the author should use AT LEAST 2-3 books (articles, reports). It is unacceptable to create articles based on one item.

Formatting footnotes in the text

Rules for quoting texts

Formatting articles

  • Use the appropriate MediaWiki syntax (such as Wikipedia or the Management Encyclopedia). This also applies to patterns.
  • Images sent by e-mail should be in JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Formatting is done by adding formatting characters to the text. Basic formatting rules:
    • ==Subheading== - two equal signs at both ends of the heading
    • Paragraphs - you must leave a blank line (2x "enter"), a single "enter" is ignored.
    • * - bullets, # - enumeration - the result is a formatted, bulleted list
    • : - indentation - it can be used multiple times for deeper indentations
    • bold italic (use rarely!) the result is bold, italic text
    • [[link to another article]] - active link to another password in the encyclopedia
    • [[title of article | text changed]] - link to another article when the text has to be changed (e.g. different tense)
    • {{a| First name and last name}} - author's signature under the text
    • [[Category:Category_name]] - qualifying the article to the category
    • <space> - a space at the beginning of a line causes the text to be framed - avoid using this format.
  • We recommend that you take a look at a few pages in the encyclopedia (click "view source" to see the formatting).

Embedding drawings

  • Drawings should be prepared by the author of the password (not downloaded from the Internet). It is about copyright.
  • Drawings should be prepared in a large size, e.g. a side of 2000px (pixels).
  • Drawings that are attached to pages are usually scaled down to a smaller size (see below).
  • Placing graphics and its formatting:
[[File: Name.png | 300px | right | thumb | Fig. 1 Drawing title]]
  • Name.png - enter the exact name of your file here. Do not use Polish characters in the name. Enter the correct extension (png, jpg, gif)
  • 300px - width of the scaled image (you can also set 400px, but not more)
  • right - right align
  • thumb - placed in a frame
  • Fig. 1. ... - caption under the figure.
  • Note: Editor's rights are needed to submit a drawing, so a regular user should send the drawing to the appropriate person by e-mail.

Helpful pages

MediaWiki's text formatting rules Rules for embedding images in the text Rules for creating tables Rules for creating patterns