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Interest group
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interest group is one of the basic forms of control that members of the environment target at organizations for purposes such as: regulate, control, influence of policies and practices of the organization. Interest group is formed by its members in order to influence the organization. Interest groups do not possess the attributes of the official authorities, which are equipped with government agencies, but they can strongly influence the organization by the use of media to draw public attention to their case.

Examples of interest groups and their actions

Among the important interest groups include: National Organization for Women, National Rifle Association, Consumers Union, Organization "Mothers against drunk driving." The action of the latter consists in exerting pressure on the producers of alcoholic beverages in order to properly label their products, the automobile companies to introduce difficulties in starting car by the drunk, the local authorities in order to obtain provisions on dispensing and the bars and restaurants that they did not sell alcohol to excess drinkers.

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