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Processes in organizations usually take the form of human action. The action is a conscious, deliberate and arbitrary behaviour.

Elements of the action

  • perpetrator - in the praxeological sense it is always a man/woman (employee, manager),
  • purpose of the action - internal or externally imposed stimulus provoking the perpetrator to act,
  • result of the operation - the result, the result of intentional and / or unintentional (loss, failure), a product or a product,
  • means and methods - methods used to achieve an outcome
  • conditions - circumstances of the action, time, space and context-related activities, including external factors which influence the perpetrator.
  • equipment - tools, machinery, technical equipment used by the perpetrator to achieve a result of action.
  • material - a resource, material, raw material processed by the perpetrator using the apparatus and the means and methods to achieve the results.
  • justification for action - rational reasons for taking the actions and intentions of the perpetrator.

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