Mission and vision

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Mission and vision
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Mission Statement is the principle of economic activity. It is determined by the organization's management based on accepted criteria, for example, customer preferences, products, competitive advantage. It is characteristic of the role of the company expressing its individuality. It is often formulated in an emphatic manner, with flair and a lack of authenticity. It may be a certain slogan used to identify employees with the company and its objectives. It builds image of the company.

Vision is a description of the company's positive image in the distant future. This is the concept of a certain model of organization in the future.


The mission sets out specific objectives to be met. Defining the mission of for profit organization as a guiding idea appears to be overstatement.. Of course, the mission can be the basis for the strategy and action plans, if taken into account while formulating the main objective of the company. Therefore, it is objectionable to give mission strategic importance only when it meets three requirements:

  • Sets the direction and concerns the future,
  • Expresses the dreams and challenges that are shared by employees,
  • The process of its implementation is reliable

Above rules misses essential business objective, which is the basic issue conditioning further business activities.

Some managers extract main goal of company from its mission statement, which means that the goal is the implementation of the adopted mission, no matter what it is. Meanwhile, to grow and be competitive company must fulfill the essential goal and accept that his mission is derived from this goal. The mission of the company is a brief description of the specific and unique role in meeting its customers' needs. For this mission statement managers determine the beam of objectives to achieve within the specified time. Fundamental goal is formulated by company owners and top executives, while specific goals are set by managers of the various levels of organisation structure under the supervision of chief executives.