Nested production

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Nested production
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Nested, non-rhthmic production - (non-pipeline, unique, unstable, short batches of products) - direction of products is variable and each workstation can work with different order of technological operations.

In non-rhythmic production workstations perform different, randomly assigned operations. The course of these operations in time is not regulated by periodically repeating schedules, and is largely accidental. Therefore, in the absence of periodically repeated schedule, workstations are separated with minimal ties and relationships.

Nested production may be performed in:

  • in the cells divided according to the technological structure
  • in the cells divided by product
  • in production lines


  • long waiting period for the next operation
  • organizational difficulty
  • difficult work flow
  • slow increase in the added value of product

Nested production objectives

  • concentration of skills
  • high utilization of machinery and equipment