Social bond

Social bond
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Social bond is an inter-personal or inter-group relationship within given population. These relationships are sustained by various forces (family, friends, co-workers, etc.).

Main goal of social bond

General purposes of creating social bond within group of people are:

  • supporting friendly relationships with people,
  • raising self-esteem,
  • getting social support,
  • facilitating realization of goals.

Aspects of social bonds

Social bond is an objective relationship involves connecting the community in similar circumstances. This situation has important consequences for members of the population. In this connection it is easy to determine commonality and interpersonal relationships between persons.

The factors generating social bond are:

  • gender,
  • age,
  • race,
  • place of residence,
  • type of work performed.

Social bond types

The consequences of similarities in terms of the above-mentioned factors occur regardless of whether people are aware of the existence of these similarities.

  • Subjective bonds - show the states of consciousness, attitude toward others and the whole universe. It may be a reflection of living conditions of the population, as well as the characteristics of its members, for example: economic situation, opinions or values.
  • Moral bonds are variety of subjective bonds with normative character, Components of the moral bonds:
    • trust - people should comply with the obligations
    • solidarity - the ability to take action on behalf of someone else's interests