Special offering

Special offering has multiple meanings. On the securities market it is related to additional offering of securities after the primary offering. If seller initiates the special offering, he usually takes all the costs of the offering and sells at the current market price. Special offerings often require selling/buying large quantities (blocks) of securities and are available only to limited types of investors. It is beneficial for buyers to purchase securities during special offering because they fees for them are low or zero and price is fixed.

Special offering in sales management

Special offering in sales management is a marketing action during which the company offers its customers special configuration of goods or services, that can be more beneficial for them than usual offer. Examples of special offering benefits are:

  • lower price,
  • free delivery,
  • gift vouchers,
  • additional rights (e.g. extended warranty).

The special offerings are usually limited in time and can have some strings attached, e.g. not all costs are shown, some services are not available, other services are treated as must-buy option, etc.


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