Attestation services

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Attestation services
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Attestation services is set of activities including checking, declaration and verification statement of evidence that meets the requirements of a measuring instrument, or activities carried out by the state legal metrology services in order to determine and certify that the measuring instrument meets the requirements of validation rules, consist of the examination and tools marking. This activities are called attestation process.

Legalization stamp, the signature placed on measuring tools authorizes them to use in compliance with the provisions of legalization.

Marking of measuring tool is placing the symbols of verification. Some of these markings can protect the individual elements of the tool from making any changes after legalization. The term is often used incorrectly as the instrument calibration.

Measuring device attestation services

The measuring device - a general term defining a range of tools (equipment) used for measuring physical, chemical, surveying, et al. Measuring instruments that can be used:

  • in health, life and environment,
  • to protect safety and public order,
  • to protect the rights of consumer,
  • for the collection of fees, customs, taxes and other budget charges and the determination of discounts, penalties, salaries and compensations,

are subject to legal metrological control.

Legal metrological control and attestation services

Legal metrological control of measuring instruments is performed by:

  • Approval of a measuring instrument based on the type examination - before placing a measuring device on the market or
  • Initial verification or item verification - before the introduction of a copy of the measuring device on the market or use, as well as
  • Re-legalization - in relation to measuring instruments placed on the market or use.

The scope of legal metrological control, depending on the type of measuring instrument may include:

  • Type approval and initial verification, or item legalization and re-verification,
  • Type approval and initial verification or item verification,
  • Only type approval,
  • Initial verification, or item legalization and re-legalization.

Process of attestation

Item verification is the initial verification of a measuring instrument in the one item execution mode, designed for a particular, specific application.

Subsequent verification of recording equipment in road transport (so called tachographs) is done only after the repair.

In the case of statements based on our verification of a measuring instrument that meets the requirements of a measuring instrument, an administrative body measurements or body authorized to make certify proof of legalization legalize and protect, if necessary, specific elements of the measuring device against unauthorized access using security features.

Legalization is valid for a period of time. Where a measuring instrument is subject only to approved type and initial verification or item validation, legalization is valid for an indefinite period. Legalization is invalid if:

  • It is found that the measuring instrument no longer meets the requirements,
  • Damage to the measuring instrument,
  • Damage or destroy of legalization sign or safety sign,
  • Change the place of installation or use of a measuring instrument in which the verification was performed.


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