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Basic product
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Basic product known also as the core product, is the main area on which all the marketing offerings are focused. It is part of Marketing-mix which satisfies the basic customer needs (D. Adcock, A. Halborg, C. Ross 2001, P. 182). Core product represents it's basic form. It's main benefit is the need which customer can satisfy through it. For example, in a restaurant the core product or service is the food that resolves the hunger (R. D. Reid, D. C. Bojanic 2010, P. 283).

From the firm's perspective a the core product is the reason to exist. It can be either a tangible good, or intangible service. This level of product is part of offering that delivers customers benefits which they desire. It is vital to maintain high quality of it (O. C. Ferrell, M. D. Hartline 2008, P.349).

Total product

Total product consists of three main areas (O. C. Ferrell, M. D. Hartline 2008, P.350-35):

  • The core product
  • Supplemental Products - goods and services that add value to the basic product, differentiating it from competitive offerings. They are extra features or benefits that increase value of the whole product. They are not necessary for the product to work correctly.
  • Symbolic and Experimental Attributes - images, prestige and brand used in order to differentiate product on the market. They are mostly created by marketing program and are based on branding.

Basic product in service marketing

The concept of product is strongly associated with physical objects, it is not however the case in services marketing. The term product brings up the vision of a physical objects, and is rarely thought to be put in the context of services. Product, from a marketing point of view, is anything that can be offered to a market for use, consumption or attention and that might satisfy a want or need (H. V. Verma 2008, P. 49).

A service product refers to activities that are being offered which result in satisfaction of a need or want of customers (H. V. Verma 2008, P. 49). The basic product, which is the core benefit, is the fundamental benefit that is sought by customers(H. V. Verma 2008, P. 55).

The basic product in service offering is composed of three dimensions (O. C. Ferrell, M. D. Hartline 2008, P.350):

  • People - interaction between customer and employees.
  • Processes - the operational flow in the service delivery process.
  • Physical Evidence - tangible evidence of the service.


Author: Karolina Liskiewicz