Augmented product

Augmented product allows company to better fulfill customer's individual expectancy. It is a base product with additional features that give customer additional value.

In the age of overproduction it is difficult not to manufacture, but to sell. Therefore manufacturers have to distinguish their products from competition. Augmented product is one of the ways of reaching that objective. In this day and age many manufacturers try to implement mass customization as next level of augmenting the product. Mass customization allows for mass production where each product is customized for the customer. It is used widely in automotive.

Almost every product can be augmented. Usual ways of augmenting are adding additional features or service. Augmented product can be served by several suppliers: the main product served by manufacturer and additional services by another company (based on contract).

Example of augmented product

In case of selling flowers, vendor can add additional greeting card to every bouquet or offer delivery.


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