Beta alpha psi

Beta alpha psi
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Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary and service organization for students and professionals. It's objective is to give recognition and professional excellence in the business information field. The organization promotes study and practice of accounting, finance, information systems. Beta Alpha Psi has many chapters on the universities that teach accounting and finance. At this moment there are over 300 chapters on university campuses. From the beginning over 300,000 members was involved in this organization.

The Beta Alpha Psi was founded in 1919 at the University of Illinois, however the origins of it can be found as early as in 1896 when the Certified Public Accountant designation was established. Today it is present on many US universities, and also abroad, e.g. in Sydney - Australia, Auckland - New Zealand.

To establish a chapter of Beta Alpha Psi the university has to fulfil some requirements, among others: declare an academic major in accounting, finance or information systems, pay annual fee, maintain high level of quality of education.

These are the three main foundations of the organization: Scholarship, practicality, and sociability.

Main goals[edit]

The main goals of Beta Alpha Psi is to:

  • appreciate the outstanding achievements of students in the fields of finance, accounting and information science
  • create opportunities for personal development and broad skills which are necessary to complete university education
  • promote the study and encourage to explore secrets of knowledge of these disciplines.

BAP members take part in special events, lectures, projects and workshops. They develop communication skills and try to be a leader of the group. This is the best way to meet like-minded people who have similar interest. It is also an opportunity to meet professionals in various scientific fields, who can provide references and potential place of work. BAP is known all over the world and has a professional reputation. The business community in the fields of accounting, finance and information system has been respecting the organization's achievements for years. The acquired knowledge and experience can open doors to the community of the industry. Thanks to this members have chance to enter the market and climb the career ladder.


Budget of Beta Alpha Psi consist of various sources. The International Honor Organization receives a part from a charter maintenance fee and also from one-time initiation fee. Majority portion come from counselling, contributions from industry and professional business. Interesting fact is that in 1982 was created a cooperation program. It is based on the fact that companies of industry, consulting, and service contribute to Beta Alpha Psi activities.

Membership Criteria[edit]

To become a part of the Beta Alpha Psi, you must to fulfil the eligibility requirements e.g.

  • finished one and one half years of collegiate courses
  • declared fully concentration in fields of accounting, finance, or information system
  • complete at least one year of courses at the collegiate level (30 semester hours or equivalent)
  • grade point average is at least 3,25 (on the most recently completed 30 semester hours)


Beta Alpha Psi has own management. The most important governing body is the Board of Directors. It consists of thirteen specialists in their field (financial, accounting or information system). Two of the most active graduates in Beta Alpha Psi chapters are honored as Alumni Representatives.

Board of Directors:

  • President
  • President-elect
  • Past President
  • Dean Representative
  • AICPA Liaison
  • Director of Global Activities
  • Director of Administration
  • Professional Partners Chair
  • Professional Partners Chair-elect
  • 3rd Year Chapter Advocate
  • 3rd Year Chapter Advocate
  • International Alumni Representative
  • Alumni Representative


Author: Ewa Wójcik