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IGWT- International Society of Commodity Science and Technology (Internationale Gesellschaft fur Warenkunde und Technologie (IGWT), organizes yearly symposiums at associate's institutions (IGWT-INT,2019).


Founded ON 6th of August 1976 by:

  • Prof. Paul Fink, ETH St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Prof. Josef Holzl, (University of Economics and business Administration in Vienna)
  • Dipl. Kfm. Dr. Helge Gasthuber, (University of Economics and business Administration in Vienna)
  • Dr. Frans Lox, Gent, Belgium
  • Dr. Heinrich Schlick, Mannheim, Germany
  • Dipl.Volkswirt Otto Gekeler, Ulm Germany
  • Also Prof. Dr. Otto Aalhaus(university in Heidelberg)
  • Prof. Dr. Traebert.

The first President was Dr. Schlick,the followig was Professor Holzl. In October 1978 IGWT was officially registered with office at the Department of Technology and Commodity Science on University of Economics and business Administration in Vienna,Austria. It began to co-edit the Journal Forum Ware - a German/Austrian journal firstly published two years prior(E. Weginger,2019).


Not soon after the creation of the organisation, other associations and individuals joined the IGWT. Organisation was well represented during frequent travels of Prof. Josef Holzl and his assistants, one of them - Prof. Gerhard Vogel traveled to Japan to prepare cooperation for future encevours that could have been partaken. In 1978 the countries Belgium, Germany, Israel, Japan, Austria, and Switzerland were active in IGWT and soon after Poland followed (E. Weginger,2019).

Present Times

Members and organisations of the IGWT originates now from almost 20 countries : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Belarus, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Ukraine (E. Weginger,2019).

The Purpose

The purpose of the Society is to obtain multinational cooperation of all institutions,societes, associations and individuals dealing with commodities and technology, as well establishing an extensive exchange of experience and knowledge between those members and institutions.. The Society supports all effort contributing to the better,wider knowledge about goods(IGTW homepage, 2019).


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Author: Gabriela Zabawa