Certificate for payment

Certificate for payment
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Certificate for payment is an important document signed by few authorized people, which informes the general contractor, that the project has been completed and the owner is required to pay.

Content of the document

Certificate for payment is a very extensive document. It is not allowed to omit any information, because each information is crucial. In the Internet, there are some templates, where everyone can check, what data are included. Relying on one of them, it is possible to distinguish[1]:

  • Information section - which includes data of: owner, contractor, architect, contract date, invoice and a certificate number, project - it's name, dates and number,
  • Application for payment - a place where contractor gives the original construct sum, if there were any changes in the amount or if any additional expenses - information should also found in this section, than information about any payments in advance, previous payments (if they occurred), taxes amount, and, the most important - current payment due
  • Architect's certificate for payment - the most important part of the document, where architect is confirming, that the project has been 100% completed in accordance with contract details in agreed quality, also, that he observed the progress of work. Finally, that to his best knowledge, everything was completed correctly, and he authorize the sum required to pay by the owner,
  • Sometimes, there are also some attachments including cost statements and other information, which may be found as crucial by the owner. It's not commanded, but it is a good practise.

Validating document

There is one person, who is authorized to sign a certificate for payment. Usually, he should be mentioned in project's general regulations[2]. Without his signature, document is not valid[3]! And this is architect. He is the one, who takes responsibility for the quality and level of completing the project. He also determines the amount which owner has to pay for general constructor. The amount may be the same as the one given by the constructor, but it may be different, and than architect has to give exhaustive explanations, and attach them to the certificate for payment.

Mobile certificates

It is also possible to have a mobile version of certificate for payment. Nowadays not many people use paper documents, majority don't even use computers - they prefer smartphones. Technology meets the businessman's expectations here, however specific software is necessary [4]. It automatically gives the number to the certificate, and it's impossible to change anything in the document. That's way this mobile method becomes more and more popular - because of convenience and authenticity.


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Author: Anna Włodarczyk