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Workplace is a basic, single and indivisible element of the organizational structure of each organization. It has a range of their own responsibilities and competences in order to carry out the tasks assigned to it by the managers. Common practice is to connect workstations into organizational cells, which are governed by managers.

To each workplace is assigned an employee who use own skills, capabilities and operating equipment to produce a specific product. It should be noted that term 'product' cannot be equated only to material thing. It could not have the characteristics of a typical thing e.g.: computer program.

Features of workplace

Workplace consists of the following elements:

  • tasks executed by employee,
  • devices used to perform tasks
  • tools helping in work
  • work items, materials
  • space in which the work is carried out

The workplace is the smallest, indivisible organizational cell, in which the work process takes place. It is distinguished by both the statistical elements and dynamics of human work, the operation of machinery and equipment and the effects of environmental factors.

Basic characteristics of the workplace

Workplace equipment

An important element of the adjustment of workplace to worker is spatial design for convenience and functionality. This determine the size of the work area, the appropriate size of the work surface and its height, seat size and optimal placement of various control and signalling devices.

The design of the workplace requires decision concerning the appropriate position of equipment and devices in their respective locations. This location should ensure the effective functioning of the human-machine system.

Distribution of used devices depends on: worker, comfort and safety requirements, aesthetics and fashions, the proximity to the devices for facilitating the handling, anthropometric dimensions.

Working method in workplace

Every work causes specific load on person, because it affects the functional changes in individual and systems throughout the human body.

Load occurring during the execution of the work can be divided into:

  • physical load, caused by muscle work
  • mental load, which are the result of the involvement of thought processes,
  • nervous load arising from the work or physical and mental working conditions