Delayed opening

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Delayed opening
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Delayed opening refers to many fields such as:

  • Construction mechanism,
  • Finance imbalance between demand and supply,
  • Military strategy,
  • Writiing technique.

Constructons mechanism

Delayed opening might be used as mechanism in some constructions. Usually it is electrically supported solution and has build-in delay mechanism [1].

Finance imbalance between demand and supply

Delayed opening is term related to finances, exactly to trading of stocks (purchasing, sharing and saling them). Delayed opening means to put back opening which was scheduled for trading to secure the opening price. Delay is caused by imbalance between demand and supply (imbalanced marked forces). It is also related to terms such as "jump" or "crash" on the market [2]. In book Wall Street Words: An A to Z Guide to Investment Terms for Today's Investor delayed opening is described as intentional delay of transaction or particular security. It is usually hapenning when before opening there are unexpected developments that make it difficult to match buy and sell orders by specialist [3]. In practise it might be also related to [4]:

  1. news dissemination,
  2. news pending,
  3. order imbalance,
  4. equipment changeover.

Many specialists have discretion in time when they open stocks. Others, are following specific guidelines when term delayed opening is specifically described. It gives instructions to specialists how they should handle delayed opening. For example, delayed opening refers only to stocks that has not been opened by 10 a.m. ar after opening bell. Opening means simple opening action or reasonable quotation[5].

Military strategy

During the war, it might be related to strategic move of delayed opening of second front[6].

Writiing technique

Delayed opening here means writing in very descriptive way. Document might start from general description to specific arguments or specific to general. Text is still organized in deductive and logical pattern but the main goal of paper is moved (delayed)[7].


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Author: Anna Piechnik