Efficiency of management

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Efficiency of management
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The concept of manager efficiency in the praxeological sense, refers to the total values ​​of practical activities, which positively relates to its characteristics. This approach requires the determination of performance characteristics due to the actions that will be compared and to determine their impact. Sample actions evaluation characteristics are: effectiveness, economy, efficiency, rationality. Action, which we assess as efficient, has satisfactory levels of these traits.

The second approach concerns the efficiency of operations taking each feature separately: efficiency, effectiveness and also quality. In line with this approach, better action is closer to having all the advantages of a good job, and it has the highest dimension of effectiveness. Similar meaning is attributed to the term efficiency. Action is deemed to be effective if it complies with the relevant criteria in a given situation.

Methodological efficiency. It refers to a situation where the operator did everything in the circumstances (especially in terms of knowledge of the circumstances, his social skills and diligence in operation) to ensure maximum effect in every respect of real performance.

Basically a separate issue arises in assessing the efficiency of the activities of human creative activity. Its significance is rising due to the increasing role of innovation in today's increasingly knowledge-oriented economy.