Employability skills

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Employability skills
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The term employability skills is described by UKCES (The UK Commission for Employment and Skills) as „the skills almost everyone needs to do almost any job”. Employability skills consist of three parts, beginning with the basic of Positive Approach, which contains: making propositions, being ready to take part in the activity, being responsible for results, approving new concepts and accepting meaningful criticism[1].

This ground of Positive Approach helps out three practical skills of „using numbers, language, and ICT effectively”. These functional abilities are made use of the background of four individual skills: contemplating and resolving problems, self- management, team working and Communications, comprehension of the business[2].

Employability skills are considered in three circumstances[3]:

  1. Your approach in relation to work.If you want to be a good employee, you need to do the duties to the best of your skills. The base of every act you do at work is a positive mindset.
  2. Your ability to read, count and ICT skills. There are abilities, which support you in work and help obtain the necessary knowledge in your job.
  3. Your individual skills. Your capability to adapt yourself to the requirements of the job.

Key employability skills based on „An assessment of industrial employment skill gaps among university graduates: In the Gujrat-Sialkot-Gujranwala industrial cluster, Pakistan”[4]: teamwork, hard work, self-discipline, effective, devoted, productive, self-motivated, initiating.

The relevance of employability skills

Employability skills are more and more important because we have modified so dramatically the way we create our path careers. It is costly for employers to upskill employees so they hire applicants who have verified skills useful in the establishment. They also can practice you to carry out exact, particular units, but you should have a good directive of the personal abilities[5].

Employability skills play a noteworthy, meaningful role efficient accomplishment in place you work. From the company's side ”to be employable is about demonstrating that you have the skills and personal qualities that are needed in the workplace”. These abilities should allow you to get hired, keep and continue a job beneficially to yourself and employer. A good investment for the future is to prospect non-academic abilities during the whole of university studies, this might significantly increase your employability. You will become more self-conscious, grown-up and equable. This way you will step out yourself in the labor market[6].

Universities for job prospects

A lot of universities now try to draw students in by promising to improve their employability skills. This is very reasonable, because students perceive themselves as putting up in their human capital and future throughout paying their tuition. Taken this promise and these anticipations into consideration, it is important that such objectives bring what they say, really improve employability skills[7].


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Author: Kinga Podlasek