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Executive Search is an employment search. We search people who fill the executive position. Executive recruitment firms can find for us managerial, technical and ualified professional candidates. Usually the organization employs a company that finds a suitable candidate for a given position. Rarely, the organization has its own department dedicated to this. Often the organization have already tried to find people for a given position but unsuccessfully. Then the organizations decide to employ the executive search company. Executive search company have a unique range of professionals. What is more this company have access to 'passive candidates' and people who already have job. Headhunter search candidat on website like LinkedIn to broaden the talent pool. We are living in a dynamic world, where the organizations have been forced to adapt and revolution to develop[1].

Role of executive search

Today, when we are overwhelmed by the excess of information the role of executive search service is very important. When executive search service find for us the best talent then the development of our organization will become faster and more effective. What is more our result should improve in relation to annual targets. Also we will be able to establish an effective long-term strategy that will bring growth and development. We will become more competitive. A bad hire can slow down development and bring unwanted results. Your employees will be the deciding factor for your development so you have to choose the best[2].

Effects of executive search

During executive search we find high qualified and desirable candidates, whom are ideal for the new opportunity. High qualified teams are essential to organization's grow and maintain competitive advantage. Therefore, it is very important to reach all who can become our best candidates. The executive search company comes to our aid.

Whom executive search service employ

Example of positions which we use executive search service.

General roles are:

  • CEO
  • Finance Director
  • Area Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Operations Director

Why executive search companies are employed

A person who works for executive search service is called headhunter. They are hiring by client who search candidat for senior-level executive position and board directors. Executive search firm helps to identify, assess and select the best one possible candidate. They are making the list of the most qualified candidates that fit well and have right experience [3].

Difference between executing search and recruitment

This is very similar words but when we look deeper we will se differences. Goal for an executive search consultant and a recruiter is the same. Executive search service are using by professional companies to find the best talent for an open position. Very ofen the best people or employees are hired and rarely looking for job. This is the reson why companies hiring executive search service. They have a connection to databases where they can find potential candidates when they are not looking for a job or are employed. Recruiters identify only a group of active job seekers who would be right for the job. Recruitment it is a process of selecting and appointing candidates for job [4].

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Author: Justyna Tereszkieiwcz