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Job description is a fundamental element of the organizational structure documentation. Proper preparation of this document allows the construction of the organizational structure. This description is also used in other areas, such as recruitment or work evaluation. Job description is also the basis for the development of a range of activities for the employee. Depending on needs, manager can create different descriptions:

Elements of job description

Job description should include following information:

  • relations with other positions (communication, subordination, replacing),
  • main tasks, powers and responsibilities
  • devices used during work,
  • qualifications and required experience.


Properly prepared job description gives a number of benefits to both workers and management:

  • helps you avoid conflict and contradictions in work,
  • relieves management from performing some tasks,
  • is the basis for the selection and recruitment of new employees and the HR system
  • allows to evaluate the jobs and develop proper system of remuneration,
  • gives clear relations between superior and subordinate,
  • gives the basics to improve self-control through the specification of objectives for individual workers,
  • gives opportunity to better understand the importance of worker contribution and increases chance of self-realization.

Rules for creating job description

There are several key rules to follow when creating a job description:

  • Be specific and detailed: Clearly define the responsibilities and duties of the role, and make sure they are aligned with the overall goals of the organization.
  • Use clear and concise language: Avoid using jargon or complex language that may be difficult for candidates to understand.
  • Include qualifications and experience required: Specify the qualifications and experience that are required for the role, including any certifications or degrees that are necessary.
  • Include reporting structure: Identify the person or department that the employee will report to, as well as any other key relationships within the organization.
  • Be mindful of legal requirements: Ensure that the job description does not discriminate against any protected classes, and that it complies with all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Tailor it for the specific position: Make sure that the job description is tailored for the specific position and that it reflects the unique requirements of that role.
  • Include the work schedule and work location: Identify the schedule and location of the job, whether the position is full-time or part-time, remote, or on-site.

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