Profile of qualifications

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Profile of qualifications
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Qualification profile is based on an analysis of the job profile requirements. This is the initial stage of the selection process. In order to increase the effectiveness of staff selection, managers prepare the comparison matrix of ideal candidate qualifications. It is set of individual professional qualities, for which the company will pay off to a specific employee. Profile describes image of the worker, choice of the appropriate criteria for the assessment of the candidate and the appropriate selection techniques.


Analysis of the necessary skills for specific position:

  • knowledge and skills,
  • ways actions and behaviors,
  • effectiveness and results of the process.

In the construction of the qualification profile managers identifies such elements as: knowledge, psychological characteristics, skills. These factors can also include: interpersonal, technical and conceptual skills. Creation of profile, take into account the following variables:

Creation of qualification profile is usually delegated to specific HR units. They are: supervisor, managers and HR specialists (internal and external).