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This step refers to the transfer of agreed processes to the service provider. In accordance with the definitions of outsourcing presented by Greaver Jr. and Bendor-Samuel, service provider takes over not only tasks, but also obligations and powers of monitoring its realization. M.F. Greaver Jr also indicates the issue of transfer of machinery, equipment, technology and other resources involved in the implementation of outsourced services.

However, there is different way of transfer of above mentioned resources, depending on the adopted forms of outsourcing. When they are transferred to newly created subsidiary, they are assets representing share of the parent company in newly created entity. Different situation is in the case of total abandonment of the independent implementation of a particular type of processes and take a decision about the transfer of powers in this respect, to an independent service provider. In such case resources previously used to perform this processes can be sold or can be leased to the service provider.

Delegation of competences on realization of processes to the service provider causes the emergence of a completely new situation for the company. Some services and primary activities are carried out in these conditions by one or more independent service providers.

Services provider is integrating its own organizational structure with the structure of his client. One of the primary tasks of the management of company is in this situation, shaping the conditions for integrating the action of individual units and service provider to ensure harmonious, long-term cooperation. In order to maintain a positive relationship with the contractors managers should keep in mind the basic purposes of the implementation of the outsourcing.

After some time after starting of the cooperation, evaluation of the implemented solution should be performed. The basis of comparison will be primarily the costs and results of outsourcing, compared to costs and results of processes previously carried out by internal organizational units.

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