Project human resource management

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Project human resource management - includes the processes required to ensure the most efficient use of people involved in the project. This applies to all project stakeholders: sponsors, customers, partners, individuals contributing to the project, etc. Human resource management in the project includes 3 main processes: planning, acquisition and development of the team.

1. Planning

Includes definition, description and assignment of roles, responsibilities and hierarchical dependencies in the project. They can be allocated both to individuals and to groups. These individuals and groups may be part of the organization implementing the project or may come from the outside. Groups that are derived from a specific organization are often associated with specific departments functions such as design, marketing or accounting.

2. Acquisition

It is to provide the required human resources and allocate them to work on the project. In most situations we may not have access to the "best" resources, and the project management team must be careful making sure that people who are available meet the requirements of the project.

3. Team development

The development of individual and group competencies to enhance the performance of the project. It includes actions enhancing the capacity of stakeholders to bring individual contribution to the project, as well as on the development of team members. Individual development is the basis necessary for the formation of the team, and the process of team formation is crucial for the realization of the goals of the project.

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