Organization of administrative and office work

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Organization of administrative and office work
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Despite the differences that exist between the administrative and office work and the production work, organizational study of these kinds of work is almost identical. The main stages of the study coincide with the cycle of the basic organizational methods.

Purpose of administrative and office work study

Among the many problems of administrative-office work the question of the optimal organization of working time and space is most often asked. Nature of office work can be reduced to the analysis of team actions of diverse nature and structure. In doing so, the participants affect the common object of work (usually it is a document or set of documents) and execute in sequence various tasks (e.g., development of planning documents) which leads to achieving of common goal.

Office administrative work involves acquiring, processing and transmitting information, the activities and operations that make up the process are often referred to as office procedures. These procedures can be classified into two groups:

  • Procedures for an internal administrative services,
  • Procedures for an external administrative services,

thus diversifying purposes they serve.

Proper organization of office procedures does not solve all problems of organizational office work. Managers should choose methods of the study, standardization of office operations and spatial layout of office space, etc.

General methodology for organization

General methodology of conduct in the organization of administrative and office work involves the following steps:

  • Determine the purpose of the study.
  • The classification of administrative functions.
  • Analysis of the distribution of administrative tasks,
  • Analysis of the functional and operational relations
  • Selection and implementation of administrative structure.
  • Control of the implementation results.

Procedure for organization of administrative work

In most cases, organizing of the office work deals with an existing organization of the division of labour and, therefore, the procedure for conduct of research in this matter should proceed according to the following steps:

  • Selection of study object.
  • The collection of internal and external information.
  • Registration of the phases of the procedure
  • Describing current procedure schedule
  • Analysis of the procedure.
  • Developing normative schedule
  • Implementation and monitoring of the implementation of the procedure.

Techniques used in office work organization

The family of methods for organizing office work in time:

  • Techniques for organizing the work in time based on the principles of mathematical programming (various methods of network programming)
  • Graphical method of organizing work in time (Adamiecki schedules, Gantt charts, Esograms by Rytel).

One of the most effective methods of organizing administrative and office work is the theory of queues. Especially used in the so-called. administrative services to external entities such as banks, travel agencies, where there are problems of mass service. The problem of queuing appears in three basic cases:

  • in case of irregular arrival of customers
  • in case of uneven service.
  • in case of both irregular arrivals of customers and uneven service.