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Selling Group
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Selling group - is an associated group that is elective to file a united return that involves the purpose of the acquisition day and also that does not have an objective like a common parent for a year of a tax, involving the acquisition date [1].

The role of selling groups

Due to the colossal expansion of the retail capability connected with underwriting houses, many people accentuate the important role of formal selling groups . Often, the selling group is called simply selected dealers . The traders are normally chosen by the managing underwriters, sometimes accepted by them if recommended by other participants of the underwriting consortium. The level of form that encloses the construction of the group of selling depends mainly on the preference of leading underwriters. The main objective of the dealers' cooperation is to assure the fast sale of the offering [2].

Selling groups' connections

When it comes to sales of the issue , the person called an investment banker usually forms a selling group. This type of group contains an investment banker who acts as an initial distributor (or a wholesaler) because of the sale of the issue to a huge amount of dealers. Next, these traders sell to their customers, doing it in turn. The investment banker acts as an underwriter. The settlements between the selling group and the investment banker are available in a selling group agreement. The adjustment describes [3] :

  • the term of the participants of the group, who must sell their part of the issue;
  • payments they could charge;
  • restrictive rules about preventing members from a sale below a particular price.

" The syndicate may form a selling group in an effort to help market the issue. Members of the selling group have no underwriting responsibility and may only sell the shares to investors for a fee, known as the selling concession " [4].



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Author: Aleksandra Zegiel