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Shipping is organizing freight and perform all or some of the related activities. This activity can be performed by:

  • the user of transport (courier services);
  • transport company (shipper and freight carrier combined in one company);
  • separate order shipping (the company organize all activities of cargo transportation for fee).

Shipping is one of the models of transport. Organizing the transport of goods can be divided into two factors:

  • functional, in which we distinguish the function of the carrier agent and the customer service
  • commercial, which is a factor with regard to the allocation of rights of ownership to the goods being transported from taking out of service and its distribution

Types of shipping

  • branch shipping, in which the whole work is carried out by using one type of means of transport
  • inter-modal shipping which engages various means of transport

Classification of shipping

The sphere of activity and range:

  • international,
  • national,
  • public - in which the company performs commercial services on behalf of other entities,
  • own - shipping is organized by company owning goods,

Shipping includes all actions necessary for the timely, safe and economical transfer of cargo (except the transportation).

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