Tensor structure

Tensor structure
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The tensor structure is an example of multidimensional structure. Combines functional, object-oriented and regional criteria. Sometimes regional criterion is replaced by object-oriented organizational units that help managers in carrying out their functions. An important problem in the case of this structure is the separation between the powers and responsibilities of the managers of separate dimensions of activity. This structure allows to overcome the coordination problems that occur in one-dimensional structures, managers can also use a combination of structures to benefits of each type of activity.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]

The most important advantages and disadvantages of this structure are identical to the matrix structure of the organization, however, the functioning of the tensor structure is associated with higher costs. Communication network is much more complex. However, it is flexible and innovative solution, which creates the conditions for a comprehensive solving of complex problems.



  • greater demand for qualified personnel and high demands for proper behaviour,
  • problematic division of competences of managers and increased possibility of conflict,
  • lack of uniformity of management,
  • the need for too many compromises in the management and the related loss of time,
  • high cost of implementation and operation.

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