Attitudes and behaviour

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Attitudes and behaviour of customers or employees are the most important factor in management and marketing research. This concept are derived from human sciences such as psychology and sociology.

Role of attitude

Attitude define personal and individual opinion regarding some issue. Marketers and managers try to identify how attitude (eg. toward trust and work ethics) influence decision and action of employee. Some opinions can be very strong and affect way of thinking, beliefs and performance. Attitude is defined as a internal tendency do evaluate things, facts and processes in specific way. It can lead to strong prejudice against other people due to eg. race, religious beliefs, group membership. Attitudes consist of three main components: cognitive (thoughts), affective (feelings), behavioural (actions).

Role of behaviour

As mentioned above, behavioural component of attitude define what actions people tend to perform in some specific situation regarding their opinions about things, persons or situations. Because changing behaviour and motivation is very important for marketers and managers they perform research aimed towards most effective ways to change attitudes of customers or employees.


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