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Education and training are the most important factor which influence competencies and skills of employee in the organisation.


Education is understood as teaching employees in the first phase of personal development, i.e. before taking up a job. Parents, teachers in schools of different levels and universities are responsible for education. Education provides general and specialist knowledge necessary to undertake work. The supply of an adequate amount of highly qualified workforce depends on the efficiency of the education system in a given country.


Training programs constitute a comprehensive system consisting of a series of substantively and temporally coordinated teaching techniques. Features that distinguish training programs from other staff training techniques are:

  • appropriate structure and program organization
  • limited circle of recipients (usually graduates of higher education institutions)
  • the content of the program combining training at the workplace and outside it
  • systematic rotation at workstations in one or several departments
  • duration (usually 6-12 months).

The effectiveness of training depends on whether:

  • The coordinating whole training program has prepared the whole training program, taking into account the objectives of the development of the work potential in a given company and the objectives of human resources management in general.
  • Line managers in departments, which the training includes actively involved in its coordination, because the final result of the training depends on their competence and the ability to create an atmosphere conducive to the development of the working potential of the work.
  • Limit all disabilities of the training by, for example, supplementing the multi-departmental training program with specialist knowledge related to a specific department.

Training involves practical use of knowledge acquired during education.

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